Foot Bliss


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I have such a soft spot for foot perverts.

Whether it’s about legs and stockings, heels and boots, legs or straight up bare feet, there’s something special about a man turned on by feet. When I get ready for a foot-centric scene, there’s a particular excitement in the air. I love getting my feet ready to be adored, making sure they’re soft and moisturized, picking out my nail polish etc. The look on a submissive’s face when he enters the room and sees me in my favorite gold heels is magic.

Who gives a better foot massage than a foot boy? What is a foot massage without having each toe licked and sucked, feeling the ball of my foot grind into the base of a tongue? Who else would caress my foot with the attention to detail or reverence? I don’t tolerate them by anyone else now. Pedicures have never been the same.

I’m in firm belief that nothing parallels a man in the throes of foot ecstasy. Overcome by the ability to finally indulge in his ultimate fantasy, I think it’s more powerful than any beating or sex act. You can’t fuck a man into that state, it’s just the incredible power of feet. Some others may not agree, and in that case they can send their foot boys my way, we’ll be over here cloaked in foot bliss....