A Baby's Journey


Today, I am sharing the kind words of a very brave boy on his journey from secret diaper lover to one of our most beloved slaves:

Ever since I met Mistress Mercy, she has trained me to be the sub she needs me to be. Mommy has taught me respect and honor for her and the Goddess Girls. Throughout this journey, Mommy has taught me about myself by pushing my limits and exploring my fears. I have been given both rewards and punishments that helped me to be who I want to be.

When I first met Mommy, I was a DL or Diaper Lover for most of my life. Mommy showed me the fun and enjoyment I could get out of being an AB or Adult Baby, too. I enjoy being both her baby and her diaper slave. Doing my chores and homework keeps me out of trouble and makes the Goddess Girls happy. Learning how I can serve each Goddess Girl and the joy I get from seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all so worth it.

Over time, Mommy taught me how to be around groups of people in a fetish setting and not fear what people think of me, even in whatever she dresses me in. I learned the proper etiquette to use around other Mistresses, and Masters too. I was so scared at the first event we went to. Mommy held my hand and led me around. All of the Goddess Girls protected me like the baby I am, and all my fears went away. Mommy still makes me blush every time, but now I am not as scared as I once was to be out in the world as my true self: a diapered baby.

If anyone is on the fence about taking that chance to see a Mistress or Mommy… take the chance! The feeling of serving Mommy is one of the greatest feelings in life.

To my Mommy,

I would not be as happy in life if you were not in it.

- Diaper Dave