The Goddess Girls

Meet the Goddess Girls


Mistress Mercy

Leader of the Goddess Girls, Mistress Mercy is the dreamy girl-next-door with a dark side. She is a true fetish enthusiast with more than a decade of dedication to traditional BDSM.

Mistress Mercy enjoys being a sweet and sensual Mommy to good little boys, as well as a strict disciplinarian to submissives in need of control. Do not underestimate this adorable little girl in pigtails, or you'll see what a cruel and creative Mistress she can be.


Mistress Minx

Mistress Minx is sweet and seductive with a taste for slaves and sissies looking to earn their collars.

Are you ready to prove yourself worthy of serving a Goddess? Come willing to please her every desire or leave reduced to nothing.


Princess Dove

Hot tempered/frosty porcelain brat, Princess Dove changes with the seasons, or in an instant. The Princess loves lording over her devoted subjects of all genders.

Good and generous devotees bask in mesmerizing praise. Naughty servants inspire brutal wrath, or even worse, are isolated and ignored.


Miss Kay Lynx

I look like an innocent little girl, but I will make you my bitch.

(Visiting Pittsburgh, PA until Feb 2018)


Queen Pain

An elegant and sophisticated Mistress who demands ultimate surrender and perfection. She is a key holder seeking devoted slaves for locked ownership.


Sisters in Domination


We love working with other talented tops, and we believe in community over competition. In addition to Double Domme or Multi Domme sessions with the Goddess Girls, we have partnered with some of the most beautiful and talented Goddesses in the country to offer additional Specialty Sessions, for those of you who are courageous (or foolish) enough to try pleasing two, three, or four demanding women at once.

If you are an accomplished top who is interested in partnering with the Goddess Girls for co-top sessions, please contact Mistress Mercy by email:

Disclaimer: While the Goddess Girls love working with skilled colleagues, we are not officially affiliated with any professionals beyond the Goddess Girls, nor do any other professionals represent us. The content and views expressed on this site solely express the views of the content creators.


Ms. Ava

“I specialize in the things I adore: femme fantasy, transformation, training,  mentoring, and  companionship for crossdressers, sissies, pantyboys, early-transition transwomen, and others with nonconforming gender expression in South Florida and online. As your Mistress and your muse, I help you release and embrace your secret femme side and immerse you in the sensual experiences of womanhood.”

Miss Ava is based locally in Fort Lauderdale.

A deposit is required for all sessions.


Mistress Pomf

“My BDSM roots are as a lifestyle Domme. I started My career as a professional Dominatrix in the UK. My style is unpredictable. It ranges from brilliant verbals to the eerie power of silence. I’m a sadist with the dirtiest laugh and most devilish smile. I have a wide range of kinks and fetishes. Some of My favorites include role play, toilet training, CBT, corporal punishment, tie & tease, humiliation, and sploshing.”

Mistress Pomf is based in New York and travels to South Florida by appointment.

A 50% deposit is required for all sessions.


Goddess Ari

“Do NOT call me cute! I am not a puppy or your girlfriend. You WILL respect me and follow my rules, period or expect pain and punishment. I EXPECT you to be well trained and ready to serve immediately! I am currently looking for:

Slaves, Personal Servants, Chore Whores, Sluts, Impact-Subs, Subs & Footslaves.

Goddess Ari is based in Michigan and travels to South Florida by appointment.


Apprentice Goddesses

Apprentices are hand selected by Mistress Mercy to study the art of domination.

Each Domme has demonstrated unique capabilities and shows great promise to grow into a highly skilled, creative, and well-rounded Goddess. Apprentices are available to witness our sessions and participate alongside one or more Goddess Girls at a low level of engagement for a nominal tribute. At the end of her training, apprentices may join the Goddess Girls or become an independent Mistress.


Queen JasminE

Queen Jasmine

Goddess Jasmine is based in South Florida.


Goddess Mommy

Goddess Mommy

Goddess Mommy is based in Central Florida.

For questions about apprenticeship, contact Mistress Mercy directly: