Love Letters for Mistress Mercy


I would like to take a moment and write about Mistress Mercy. I have had the privilege of serving Mistress Mercy for some time, and I can safely tell you that there are not enough hours in the day to properly worship her. She is at the same time that perfect combination of feminine beauty and grace, with the body of a perfect petite Goddess. She is a truly intelligent, educated, and well-read lady possessing the sweetest, most sensual, and nurturing personality. Mistress Mercy is the perfect listener who truly cares about you, and at the same time knows how to motivate and push you in a way that is helpful and kind. Mistress Mercy honestly takes interest in you, and it shows in every perfect cell of her body. Yet don't let her small physical frame fool you - she has the strength to stop a herd of stampeding elephants cold in its tracks. The confidence within her is obvious from the first moment you meet her, and believe me, you wouldn't even want to do anything other than smile and say, "Yes Mistress." She is accepting of you, very non-judgmental, and above all: she is kind. It has been beyond a pleasure to serve her (and if you're good, sometimes her friends too, all of whom are equally worthy of the highest praise.) Mistress Mercy is beautiful, yes, and I don't mean just physically. She has a beautiful soul. Small warning though: she should come with a warning label. Addiction to Mistress Mercy is guaranteed.” - Slave Bob, August 2018


Thank you again Mistress that was the best session I have ever had. You are truly an amazing Mistress. I cant wait for the next time already. If you decide to use me, I'm looking forward to serving the Goddess girls in whatever capacity you might wish to use me.” - Shawn, October 2018


Mistress Mercy gave me a new fetish! I’ve been turned on to pet play and more.” - Lil Cat Z, November 2018


It is impossible for me to give Mistress Mercy enough praise. It is impossible for me to write enough beautiful and complimentary adjectives about her. Mistress Mercy may be her name, but she is a Goddess in every way. She is beautiful and gorgeous, she is smart and attentive, she is sweet and kind. Yes, she is a Domme, but above all, she cares for you. She understands you like no one else (including yourself) can understand you. Mistress Mercy does not need to demand obedience, for she is the type of lady for whom you willingly give your obedience to, and wish you had more to give. I am truly privileged and honored to call her my Mistress.” - B., December 2018