Mistress Mercy


I am a Mistress and Mommy Domme.

My natural demeanor is nurturing, sensual, and playful.

My style is petite, adorable, and feminine.

My specialties are ABDL, Age Play, and Sissification.

My favorite ways to play:

  • Adult Baby

  • Ageplay: Littles and Middles

  • Bastinado

  • Begging

  • Blindfolds

  • Bondage

  • Breath Play

  • Caning

  • CBT

  • CFnm

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Diaper Fetish

  • Dildo Worship

  • Domestic Service

  • Flogging

  • Foot Fetish

  • Forced Bi Fantasy

  • Forced Feminization

  • Forced Intox (Legal Only)

  • Golden Worship

  • Humiliation (Light)

  • Nipple Torture

  • OTK Spanking

  • Orgasm Control

  • Orgasm Denial

  • Pantyhose Worship

  • Pet Play

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Sensual Domination

  • Sissification

  • Sock Worship

  • Stockings Worship

  • Whipping

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Yes, Mistress

I am an affectionate and creative introvert, deeply seeking in all things passion, meaning, and intensity. My perversions are filthy and my fetishes are extreme--the weirder, the better. With a Master’s degree in psychology, my education gives me an edge in understanding the human mind and the dark desires hidden within.

I enjoy playing with submissives, switches, and fetishists of all experience levels, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Individuals with disabilities or medical complications should not hesitate to contact me. Curious newcomers willing to pay the price of luxury are welcome. While I can be quite accommodating, I am highly selective with whom I choose to spend my time. This allows me to focus on building lasting bonds with my devotees. Please keep this in mind when approaching me. Courteous communication speaks volumes.

Excellent communicators are often great lovers. Building mutual trust and clear expectations with my submissives is important to me, inside and outside of play.

In a dominant role, I prefer the title Mistress. I enjoy themes of ownership and possession. My style is a playful mix of strict and sensual, sweet and nurturing, while maintaining constant control over my submissives. I use a soft touch, but I do not hesitate to firmly discipline for digressions from the rules: an iron hand in a (pink) velvet glove. My stature is no obstacle in providing physical punishments when necessary. Brats beware: I will break you.

My gradual training is aimed to increase my collared pets' obedience and skill in service as well as their attentiveness to my needs. My ideal submissive is loyal, devoted, patient, creative, resourceful, and eager to serve. He or she should actively enjoy pleasing, satisfying desires, performing service, and obeying strict rules and protocol. Quick learners who take initiative in finding ways to be useful and entertaining will hold my attention. My favorite aspects of dominance are psychological: I like head games that appeal to the desire to please and rendering men powerless from the mindfuck.

Yes, Mommy

I also like to play the sweet Mommy who takes pleasure in caring for good little boys and girls who do what they're told. Don't worry, Mommy won't tell anyone what you'd do for her. To me, being a “Mommy Domme” is about more than just ageplay. It’s about combining dominance with genuine warmth and care for my little ones. I strongly believe that rules and structure in a relationship can be accompanied by laughter, playfulness, and affection. As a Mommy, I accept my babies for their strengths and weaknesses while helping them grow to be the best version of themselves, without ever sacrificing their identities. You never have to apologize to Mommy for your scars, your doubts, or your fears. Mommy loves you just as you are. Littles, babies, and diaper lovers, find Mommy a new toy or bed-time story on her new adult baby registry.

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Spoil Me

I cherish the relationship that I build with each of my submissives, but... Mommy does play favorites.

Boys who make Mommy extra happy have a special place in her heart.

My favorite materials for toys are silicone, metal, wood, and vegan leather—in that order. I will not accept gifts in animal leather.

Age: 31 Height: 5’0 Shoe Size: 6.5 Bust: 34B Panty: Small


Sessions & Tribute

Time with me begins at $300 for the first hour.

  • 1 hour: $300

  • 90 minutes: $450

  • 2 hours: $500


To reserve your place on my calendar, I require a deposit of $50 in advance for all sessions. Your deposit counts towards your total tribute, with the remainder due at the beginning of your session, and shows that you are serious about serving me in person.

Double Domme or group sessions require a deposit of $50 per Goddess.

My time is precious. I will not hold or reserve a time for you without a deposit.


Praise for Mistress Mercy

Submit your own words of praise HERE.


“I came to South Florida from the Midwest for the honor of serving Mistress Mercy and Mistress Pomf and they did not disappoint! Beginning with initial contact through the easy to navigate website, text correspondence leading up, and finally the anticipated session itself, my experience with the Goddess Girls was first class all the way. Both mistresses proceed in a safe and calming manner that put me at ease and allowed me to slip into the session and give them my 100% submission. They guided me and helped to make me into the best sub, capable of pleasing them and fulfilling their needs while also being ever so rewarding when I got things right and yet firm when I made a mistake. Mistress Mercy's demeanor, soothing voice, and gentle touch gave me no choice but to submit to her fully, falling more under her spell with every word. Mistress Pomf's confidence is evident as soon as you enter the dungeon. She makes you yearn to be under her control, enjoy it, and her playful yet wicked laugh add to the humiliation of your predicament. I have had sessions with other mistresses but the Goddess Girls brought something new to the table and made me feel a way I have never felt. Thank you Mistress Mercy and Mistress Pomf! I will move heaven and earth to return to South Florida to again submit to you!” - BD, July 2019

“Our session was amazing, i have no words to describe how happy i am about having done this, you are really a PRO Domme that knows how to treat his slave/prisoner/baby. It was amazing to chit-chat with you and find things about one another… THANKS SO MUCH” - Prisoner #1337, July 2019

“My goodness!!!! Mistress Mercy is truly amazing. I've not had an experience like the one I've had with her...and I mean that in the most positive sense. She is beautiful and has such innocent eyes; you almost feel like you're in control. But you're not. Her power is so tantalizing that even though you know she's in charge, you don't care at all. Mistress Mercy takes you exactly where she wants you to go and in the end, you realize you wanted to go there all along.” - Loser Benjamin, July 2019


“Where to start? I am so grateful that Mistress Mercy came into my life. She is pure sexiness, class, grace, and caring. Mistress Mercy looked stunning as always. She packs so much sexiness into such a petite frame. Mistress challenged me tonight to remember certain things throughout the session, and I really appreciate the discipline and mindfulness that it teaches me. Mistress orchestrated the session and made sure that I was treated as a toilet, which is something I have always fantasized about. With so much going on in the session, my only regret is that I didn’t have a chance to worship Mistress Mercy’s perfect feet. I find myself longing to lick her high arches and to glide my tongue between her perfectly pedicured toes. I’m incredibly grateful to Mistress Mercy for putting this night together and introducing me to some amazing and powerful women. I have served mistresses in the past, and have formed some sort of connection with few of them. However, none of them have made me feel the way Mistress Mercy has. None of them have made me want to serve only her, except for Mistress Mercy. Being under the spell of Mistress Mercy is my happy place.” - This Toilet, June 2019

“Mommy, I may be little but the connection you give to me is BIG. I feel more love from you than I have felt in my adult life. I love being your baby and love how you make me feel all the time. I never thought i would enjoy being a baby but I do.  When I’m diapered and you take my hand and say little things to me it makes my heart melt.  Sometimes i feel littlest when you say things in front of the other Goddess Girls and i feel 2-3 years old and love it.  You teach me so much about my self and never make feel bad about who i am or the weird stuff i like. You are so pretty and so full of life, every time with you makes me a happier and better person. Thank you for giving me a Mommy and for making me feel like a Man, I have not felt that way in a very long time but i like being your Baby better. “ - Poopy Pants Baby, June 2019

“No lie — Mistress Mercy has the best feet that I have ever worshiped. Her arches are amazing, her feet are gorgeous, and they fit perfectly in my mouth. Her feet send me straight to subspace.” - Shawn, June 2019

“I absolutely treasured how intimate You were with me and compelled me to be with You.  The wee hours when You had me trembling uncontrollably from Your intimate teasing is a highlight of my life.  We all crave honest intimacy but it's scary, so I'm so grateful for Your courage and leadership. I love love love being with You, being dominated by You, and being cared for by You.  You are a very special person who I can truly be vulnerable with.  That is a wonderful gift You give.  Thank You.” - Billy, June 2019

“O/our last session was absolutely sublime. i hope You have picked up on how much i love being under You. You are by far the Domme that i’ve felt most comfortable with in my journey of self discovery, and the Domme that i’ve enjoyed serving the most. The moments i’ve been able to serve You have been so therapeutic for me during the last year. Serving You has allowed me to escape my stress and, more importantly, put me in a place where i feel comfortable being my true self.“ - Allen, June 2019

“You are the best Mommy/Mistress i have ever had the pleasure to serve. Thank you to all the Goddess Girls for allowing this diaper slut to be in your presence.” - Diaper Dave, April 2019

“Mistress Mercy, you may have spoiled me. I’ve seen others before but none compare to the time I spent with you. For sure I will see you every time I am in Miami.” - Little Pete, February 2019

“You make me feel a way that I’ve never before experienced but have always longed for.” - Paul, Jan 2019


“I've been to many Mistresses in the past 20 years and you're one of the best I've ever seen.”

“I would like to take a moment and write about Mistress Mercy. I have had the privilege of serving Mistress Mercy for some time, and I can safely tell you that there are not enough hours in the day to properly worship her. She is at the same time that perfect combination of feminine beauty and grace, with the body of a perfect petite Goddess. She is a truly intelligent, educated, and well-read lady possessing the sweetest, most sensual, and nurturing personality. Mistress Mercy is the perfect listener who truly cares about you, and at the same time knows how to motivate and push you in a way that is helpful and kind. Mistress Mercy honestly takes interest in you, and it shows in every perfect cell of her body. Yet don't let her small physical frame fool you - she has the strength to stop a herd of stampeding elephants cold in its tracks. The confidence within her is obvious from the first moment you meet her, and believe me, you wouldn't even want to do anything other than smile and say, "Yes Mistress." She is accepting of you, very non-judgmental, and above all: she is kind. It has been beyond a pleasure to serve her (and if you're good, sometimes her friends too, all of whom are equally worthy of the highest praise.) Mistress Mercy is beautiful, yes, and I don't mean just physically. She has a beautiful soul. Small warning though: she should come with a warning label. Addiction to Mistress Mercy is guaranteed.” - Slave Bob, August 2018


“Mistress Mercy, I wanted to give you my utmost thank you for helping me realize my true potential, and for being so kind and reassuring to me. It hasn't been an easy road for me to get to this point on my BDSM journey, but you have opened my eyes and made me realize who I was always meant to be on my journey. Because of your nurturing soul and special guidance, I have now accepted my true self and your challenges head on so that I may be the perfect sissy slut for you. My journey is now forever changed, but in the greatest possible way. Thank you so much Mistress Mercy, and I only wish to continue serving you for as long as you desire.” Nikki, March 2018


“Intuitive, disarming, articulate, confident, stunningly gorgeous…

a lethal combination.”

“Thank you again Mistress that was the best session I have ever had. You are truly an amazing Mistress. I cant wait for the next time already. If you decide to use me, I'm looking forward to serving the Goddess girls in whatever capacity you might wish to use me.”
- S. the Footslave, October 2018

Mistress Mercy gave me a new fetish! I’ve been turned on to pet play and more.” - LilcatZ, November 2018

“It is impossible for me to give Mistress Mercy enough praise. It is impossible for me to write enough beautiful and complimentary adjectives about her. Mistress Mercy may be her name, but she is a Goddess in every way. She is beautiful and gorgeous, she is smart and attentive, she is sweet and kind. Yes, she is a Domme, but above all, she cares for you. She understands you like no one else (including yourself) can understand you. Mistress Mercy does not need to demand obedience, for she is the type of lady for whom you willingly give your obedience to, and wish you had more to give. I am truly privileged and honored to call her my Mistress.” - B., December 2018


“The Mistresses never watched the clock, and our time together felt like a nice, incredibly erotic vacation from my own life.” - Ashley

A complete dream come true — that's the only way I can describe my double session with Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx. This was my first time to have the honor and the pleasure of serving these two amazing women, but it certainly won't be the last. Aside from their obvious beauty, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx are both incredibly smart, intuitive to my desires, and surprisingly funny! Make no mistake — they were definitely in charge, but they tailored the session to my individual needs and experience level. Thanks to them, I finally got to live out some of my deepest fantasies and even try a few new ones that they introduced. The Mistresses never watched the clock, and our time together felt like a nice, incredibly erotic vacation from my own life. From our initial contact via their professional website to setting up the details of our meeting to the patience and imagination they showed during the session itself, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx left me feeling secure, heard, and turned on beyond words. Their space was safe, clean, well-stocked, and intimate. By the end of our time together, I felt renewed. It was like therapy for my mind and body, and I'm already craving our next encounter. Thank you, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx!” - Ashley, January 2019