The Goddess Girls have some use for willing, obedient, and enthusiastic servants who, for varying reasons, are unable to provide a tribute. These servants may apply for positions of slavery.

It is of great importance that anyone interested in slavery understands the crucial differences between becoming a "slave" and receiving training as my "submissive." 

Please read this page with your full attention and forethought.

Put simply: the experience of a slave and a submissive are extremely different. I wish to provide you with a sense of clarity or confidence about the choice you may be considering. While labels such as "slave" or "submissive" are not "one size fits all" and cannot speak to the complexity of the person behind it, these terms can help us describe who we are and what we do if we carefully and conscientiously employ them.

SUBMISSIVE: A submissive renews the choice to submit every time a demand is levied upon him. At the heart of submission is the choice to submit and the option to say "No". Submissives have the option to decide how they feel about a demand and what they are going to do about it. A dominant can renegotiate the terms of submission fluidly and without interruption of their shared power dynamic. As a Mistress to a submissive, while I do have the last word, I care greatly about my submissive’s preferences and I carefully design a session based specifically on our shared fetishes for our maximum mutual enjoyment.

SLAVE: Slavery is not about submission or submissive behaviors. It is about obedience. A slave makes a one-time choice to submit, up front, and thereafter it is incumbent upon him to obey. The slave does not revisit issues such as "should I submit?" or "How do I feel about that? Will I say yes or no?" When a dominant order is issued, whether or not the slave agrees with it, he is obedient. (While in service to the Goddess Girls, including Myself, slaves may always use safe words to communicate that a hard limit could be crossed.) Other than respecting limits, I will not take a slave’s preferences into account. A slave serves how I want him to, doing what I want him to, with very little input. The only choice a slave makes is whether or not to be a slave.

In a "session" to train a "submissive"...

- We both negotiate how to best spend our time together for maximum mutual enjoyment.

- I consider your personal fetishes and desired activities while planning the session in advance.

A session tribute is always required.

- During the session, My attention is focused on you and your training.

- You are rewarded for your obedience. I recognize your efforts and provide feedback of both praise and constructive criticism. Your service and devotion to Me are cherished.

- You may work towards earning My collar.

- I give you opportunities to explore your fetishes and to serve Me with dignity. You do not submit as an acceptance of inferiority, but from a place of strength and passion.

- I discipline you as appropriate when there are clear instances of misconduct or a failure to meet My expectations without a valid reason. Discipline serves to facilitate your training and make you into a better submissive for My needs.

- You are entitled to My guidance, protection, and open communication while you are in My care. As our relationship grows, I may nurture you and aid in the development of your true self.

- We meet at my studio or a local dungeon, where I tailor the ambiance and available equipment to enhance our experience.

- I have put careful attention and time into my presentation to highlight my feminine assets, including make up, styled hair, and head-to-toe fetish attire from my collection.

In slavery...

The slave offers to the Goddess Girls the use of his time, talents, and abilities.

The slave is expected to have no desires except to obey his Mistress. A submissive's prime directive is not necessarily to obey; it is to please. The slave, however, understands that the satisfaction of Our wants, desires, and whims are paramount to anything he may "want." The fulfillment of his sexual needs is neverour concern.

The slave never expects a reward for his obedience. He is fulfilled entirely by the opportunity to serve. Any additional attention that the Mistress chooses to grant him must be seen as a gift rather than an entitlement. If service does not excite you, slavery is likely a poor fit for you.

The slave never expects to be the center of attention.

The slave never pays a "session" tribute.

The slave never expects a "session" experience.

The slave never expects "session" attire.

The slave's limitations, whether physical or psychological, will be respected and understood. While he will not be ordered to do something he is totally opposed to, he can expect to be told to do things he may not particularly enjoy. The slave reserves the right to use safe words. The slave will never be placed in a position that could cause him harm in any way. The Mistress will always be aware of the slave’s outside life, and will do nothing to endanger the work responsibilities, relationships, or home life of the slave at any time. Either of us may cancel the agreement if one of us find this commitment too burdensome or finds they are not well served by it.


Dog Waste Clean-up:

Pathetic slave wanted whose skill level is so lacking that he is only suitable for removing dog shit from the backyard. This slave is expected to remain clothed during service and hygienically use gloves and plastic bags as instructed for this task, which takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The dog shit slave will perform this service for Mistress Minx in Boca Raton no less than twice per month.


Competent bar slave wanted to serve drinks and prepare cocktails at private fetish parties. This slave should be familiar with various spirits and have a solid grasp of complementary flavors. Slave must be 21 or older. Parties will take place in Broward and Palm Beach County with advance notice. This slave will serve Mistress Mercy.

House Maid:

House slave wanted for light cleaning. Fetish attire or nudity may be allowed depending on the location. Sissy slaves are encouraged to apply. House maids may be promoted to cabana boys. This slave will serve Mistress Mercy and Queen Pain in Fort Lauderdale.


Fetish attire or nudity required. Must be able to prune and trim trees, weed flower beds, and sweep pool deck. Pool cleaning is a bonus. This slave will serve Queen Pain in Plantation.

Cabana Boy:

Prepares the lounge chairs for nude sunbathing, applies sunscreen every 30 minutes, serves drinks and lunch, washes and dries towels. Must be fit, competent, and take direction well with previous training in service. Bonus for muscular men in women’s lingerie. This slave will serve Queen Pain.

Web Design:

Experienced web design slave sought to create a simple website for the Goddess Girls. Squarespace or similar is acceptable. May serve remotely or in our presence. This slave will serve Mistress Mercy.


Mistress Mercy of the Goddess Girls