Princess Dove

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I am a Primal Alpha.

My natural demeanor is calculating, teasing, and fun.

My style is sophisticated, artistic, and alternative.

My specialties are humiliation, pain, and making you squirm.

As a Primal Alpha, I prefer a more hands-on, aggressive approach to dominance which allows me to touch, feel, slice, and bite my prey.

Hot tempered/frosty porcelain brat, I change with the seasons, or in an instant. I love lording over My devoted subjects of all genders. Good and generous devotees bask in mesmerizing praise. Naughty servants inspire brutal wrath, or even worse, are isolated and ignored. All in My service do so due to a strong desire to gain purpose through service, and/or believe My time and existence is highly valued and should be treated as such.

Above all, I believe that devotion is earned through a connection between Domme and sub, and that all experiences can be fun and exciting.

I offer sessions in psychological power exchange. My work is strictly non-sexual.

I have a taste for adventure, and I enjoy a wide range of proclivities, but My favorites are as follows:

  • Financial domination

  • Female superiority

  • Ice/temperature play

  • Verbal degradation/humiliation

  • Domestic servitude

  • Exclusion/isolation play

  • Trampling

  • Medical play

Sessions & Tribute

Time with me begins at $300 for the first hour.

  • 1 hour: $300

  • 90 minutes: $400

  • 2 hours: $500


  • Good quality gin, whiskey, or port.

Age: 26 Height: 5’7 Shoe Size: 8.5 Bust: 34B Panty Size: Small/Medium

Praise for Princess Dove

“Princess Dove was everything I imagined her to be and more. I would take a thousand lashes to get another glimpse behind that icy veneer. Never has my body been bruised so well or for so long.” - Slave Ian


“Her piercing stare would turn any

man to stone”

“Princess Dove can only be described as an ‘experience.’ While she may look sweet, make no mistake, she’s a bird of prey that can tear you to shreds on a whim. Only the most well behaved servants have a chance of surviving an encounter with this deceptively dainty Mistress.” - alex

“I love the fear i feel when Princess Dove towers over me as i kneel before Her, kissing Her black shinny boots, wanting so bad to feel the sting of Her whip on my diaper. The fear of seeing the power of Her spankings on other slaves and wanting to feel it on mine. The feel of Her sweet touch but the stern tone in Her voice. Thank You again, Princess Dove! I tremble before You.” - Diaper Dave