Mistress Minx


I am a Slave Owner.

My natural demeanor is strict, sadistic, and wild.

My style is a mix of athletic and romantic.

My specialties are Male Chastity, Pain, TPE, and Medical Play.

My priority is my pleasure. My favorite playthings have a passionate interest in chastity, pain, domestic service, pampering, worship, and of course, being completely controlled by a dominant Goddess.

Potential slaves who want to dedicate themselves to me should complete an application to serve.

I offer sessions in psychological power exchange.

My work is strictly non-sexual.

  • Giantess worship

  • Sensory deprivation

  • Collared ownership

  • Keyholding

  • Male chastity

  • Spanking

  • Flogging

  • Bondage

  • Stocking/boot/heel worship

  • Foot domination & foot worship

  • Dildo worship

  • Human furniture

  • Hot wax

  • Domestic service

  • Tickle torture

  • Medical play

  • Pet play

  • Adult baby/diaper lover


Sessions & Tribute

Time with me begins at $300 for the first hour.

  • 1 hour: $300

  • 90 minutes: $450

  • 2 hours: $500


To reserve your place on my calendar, I require a deposit of $50 in advance for all sessions. Your deposit counts towards your total tribute, with the remainder due at the beginning of your session, and shows that you are serious about serving me in person.

Double Domme or group sessions require a deposit of $50 per Goddess.

My time is precious. I will not hold or reserve a time for you without a deposit.



Mistress Minx’s Amazon Wishlist

Age: 28 Height: 5’8 Shoe Size: 10.5 - 11 Bust: 38C Panty: Large

Praise for Mistress Minx

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“It was an


I will never

forget! ”

“Mistress Minx… oh the perfect description of a brazen, cunning, and boldly flirtatious being. Mistress Minx is the Yin to the Yang of Mistress Mercy. An attractive, athletic, winsome coquette, flirting and teasing one moment, and in the next, I am trapped and tortured in the blink of an eye. Enthusiastic and willing to experiment, Mistress Minx brings a fun and playful approach to her kink.” - Jason, October 2019

“The whole experience was great. You made me feel free while you still were in command, and I loved that. I’m so excited to explore more with you. I had so much fun. I love that you are super down to earth but commanding and completely in charge.” - Lawrence, September 2019

“I love the way you make me feel terrified of what you may make me do but at the same time you make me feel accepted for who i am and what excites me. Every time i see you i have so much fun. Thank you!” - Diaper Dave

Mistress Minx drew blood and more in a unique and hot medical role play session where I was punished for being a ‘noncompliant patient.’ It was an experience I will never forget!” -LilcatZ

A complete dream come true — that's the only way I can describe my double session with Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx. This was my first time to have the honor and the pleasure of serving these two amazing women, but it certainly won't be the last. Aside from their obvious beauty, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx are both incredibly smart, intuitive to my desires, and surprisingly funny! Make no mistake — they were definitely in charge, but they tailored the session to my individual needs and experience level. Thanks to them, I finally got to live out some of my deepest fantasies and even try a few new ones that they introduced. The Mistresses never watched the clock, and our time together felt like a nice, incredibly erotic vacation from my own life. From our initial contact via their professional website to setting up the details of our meeting to the patience and imagination they showed during the session itself, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx left me feeling secure, heard, and turned on beyond words. Their space was safe, clean, well-stocked, and intimate. By the end of our time together, I felt renewed. It was like therapy for my mind and body, and I'm already craving our next encounter. Thank you, Mistress Mercy and Mistress Minx!” - Ashley